Another Milestone For Lumen Advanced health Assessments.

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Lumen Advanced Health Assessments have just achieved over 200 Consecutive 5 Star Reviews on Doctify, the independent website! 

Doctify’s 5 Star Reviews on Lumen Health Assessment has just passed the 200 barrier!

For a brand new health assessment centre, this is quite extraordinary.

One Reviewer Said:

“My health check at Lumen was an excellent choice, from the extremely warm and friendly welcome from Dora, the high tech equipment, the new beautiful and comfortable day room reserved for clients with full facilities, and the very professional and thorough results consultation with Dr Savin. All in all, a five-star experience and is very highly recommended.”

Verified Patient – 12-10-2021

What are Lumen Advanced Health Assessments?

Lumen is a state of the art medical centre offering advanced health assessments which combine the latest advanced scanning technology with a world-class medical team all under one roof right here on London’s prestigious Harley Street, delivering a Health Assessment that is centred around you, your body, your medical history and your health, measuring thousands of data points, and identifying issues you may be otherwise unaware of. It is the ultimate in health assessments and is furnished with the latest MRI, CT echocardiology and ultrasound scanners.

Our highly experienced medical team considers the whole body – inside and out – to provide you with your unique complete health picture.

Lumen also offers detailed advice and simple steps designed to make it easier for you to readjust your lifestyle to reach optimum health and to minimise the risk of future disease.

Lumen is fast becoming recognised as one of the most thorough health assessments, with all the tests and scans performed in one day in one visit with most of the results the same day (depending on the Lumen level).

We strive for medical excellence, and our doctor-led friendly medical team deliver highly detailed health assessments in a brand new central London centre that are uniquely personal to you, in one place, in one visit, in one day.

We are totally committed to preventive medicine and early detection.

We know how busy modern life is and that your time is precious, so we have designed our health assessments to be seamlessly delivered in one highly condensed visit, with the majority of your results being available for a 1:1 doctor discussion at the conclusion of your assessment or very soon after.

Why book a Lumen Health Assessment:

  • Personalised and individual to you.
  • Highly experienced medical team led by Dr Garry Savin.
  • To identify hidden factors affecting health with the help of state of the art medical scanning.
  • Provide valuable, actionable lifestyle advice based on your individual history examination and test results.

We’re on our way to becoming a global centre of excellence in preventive medicine and one of the UK market leaders. Watch this space…

Dr Garry Savin, MBBS DRCOG MRCGP, would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this remarkable and tremendously humbling feedback.

Lumen advanced health assessments are designed to be very comprehensive, and our Lumen 3 takes up to 9 hours but is all performed in one visit in one day. We look at how you can change your lifestyle today to become a healthier you tomorrow.

We have a range of full-body health checks starting from £2150 up to £7,000. For more information and to find out how to book your individualised Lumen Health Assessment advice session, contact us today.

Doctify’s 5 Star Review

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