Lumen at 17 Harley Street, London is a renowned centre of excellence for healthcare.

Lumen is part of the UME Health group and represents the pinnacle of precision advanced health assessments delivered by a medical team who are all outstanding in their field of expertise.

We have first class leading facilities in our fully refurbished, beautiful and relaxing interior, in one of London’s finest architectural spaces.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service, our discreet nature and our cutting edge processes to make sure we deliver the best possible experience and outcome for our clients.

You can be assured of a warm welcome, a pleasant experience and most of all, our aim is to make every client feel like the most important client we have, because you are.

You will be greeted in our general reception area.

Your personal Executive VIP suite for the duration of your health assessment.

We have a state of the art CT scanner.

We have a wide bore MRI with audiovisual cinema experience so you can watch a film during your scans.

You can relax in our  5 star exclusive VIP suite between tests and during lunch.

A detailed CT heart scan

You will have your own personal doctor-led experience.

Our newly refurbished flagship centre at 17 Harley street.

Our MRI scanner operated by our highly skilled team

State of the art echocardiogram

Echocardiogram results analysed by Professor Wei Li.

Your advanced health assessment is conducted at our Harley street centre where all of your scans are performed in one place.

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