The concept of Lumen.

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The concept of Lumen.

We are often asked why we are called Lumen and this was not a name chosen at random.

In fact, we put a lot of thought into finding the right name. We wanted our name to represent our values and to be symbolic of our ethos:

Our vision is for Lumen to be the best possible highly personal advanced health assessment service available anywhere, in one day, in one place, in one visit.


  • Conceptually Lumen is a word which is a unit of the brilliance or intensity of light and as you know, the brightness of lightbulbs are measured in Lumens.
  • Light is also a powerful metaphor for life and vitality and represents the soul or “life force”.
  • When people have a near-death experience they consistently describe seeing a bright light which is synonymous with the life force or creator of all things.
  • In medical parlance the word “Lumen” is also Latin for “Inside of ”, and all doctors use the word frequently in the art of medicine for example when talking about the “lumen of a blood vessel” or the “lumen of the gut or the respiratory tract etc” which means the inside part so it has two meanings which fit together very nicely.

We are looking inside the body and trying to enhance and promote life.

  • Lumen also has the three letters of the parent company within it “UME”  which we have emphasised in our font and colours and so our clients can appreciate that we are part of UME. LUME

Lumen Harley Street Logo

For these reasons I thought Lumen would be a great name for our new medical centre of excellence and it is a very positive and uplifting word which conjures up brilliance and brightness.


Our tagline is Shining a light on your health” which ties in with the name and the concept that when you come to see us we are metaphorically shining a light inside your body with our state of the art scans and putting each individual part of your body in the metaphorical spotlight. We are also putting you as a person in the spotlight for the day of the check-up.


  • You will see that we designed the logo to be a revolving beam of very bright light.
  • Not only does this fit with our name “Lumen” but conceptually it represents a search beam looking for problems which otherwise might be hidden in the darkness.
  • Essentially we are trying to find disease which is hidden (asymptomatic) by looking inside the body with scans which are like using a metaphorical torch beam to reveal otherwise hidden problems.
  • You will notice that the spotlight is revolving and this is also designed on purpose to represent in the mind of the viewer a lighthouse beam whose purpose is to warn ships of the dangers of hidden rocks and peril in the darkness.
  • We at Lumen are doing precisely that with our scans which are metaphorically warning us of hidden dangers which we might not otherwise see. (Eg an early cancer, a blocked artery, undiagnosed diabetes a hormone problem, high blood pressure, an aortic aneurysm etc)

So Lumen is the perfect name on so many levels because it represents precisely what we do-

We are looking inside the body to find hidden problems early using scans which symbolise a powerful light beam in the darkness.

Our vision is to be the very best at what we do and use innovations and medical technologies so we do strive to be “luminaries”

I hope you found this enlightening!

Dr Garry Savin

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