The concept of “Lumen:”

Lumen Harley Street Logo

The concept of “Lumen:” We are often asked why we are called Lumen and this was not a name chosen at random. In fact, we put a lot of thought into finding the right name. We wanted our name to represent our values and to be symbolic of our ethos: Our vision is for Lumen to […]

Another Milestone For Lumen Advanced health Assessments.

We have just achieved over 200 Consecutive 5 Star Reviews on Doctify, the independent website!  Doctify’s 5 Star Reviews on Lumen Health Assessment has just passed the 200 barrier! For a brand new health assessment centre, this is quite extraordinary. One Reviewer Said: “My health check at Lumen was an excellent choice, from the extremely […]

What do you buy someone who has everything? | Lumen Gift Voucher

Lumen Gift Voucher

A Lumen gift voucher! After all, what could be more precious than the gift of an exclusive health assessment. Earlier this year, “UME Health Assessments” at 17 Harley Street, part of UME Group, relaunched as “Lumen”. Our vision here is simple: to shine a light on your health and give you the information you need to […]

World Pancreatic Cancer Day

To mark World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Dr Garry Savin, from Lumen, part of UME Health, shares all you need to know about pancreatic cancer – what typical symptoms you should look out for, risk factors and why early diagnosis is key and can save lives. What is the Pancreas? The pancreas is a large pointy […]

Lumen In The Media: Movember 2021

We are pleased to have recently been featured in The Luxury Adviser, an online magazine which focuses on providing its high network clientele with a wide range of informative articles, ranging from healthcare, to technology. Our article is aligned with “Movember 2021” and entails our Programme Director, Dr Garry Savin, who has been a GP […]

Lumen In The Media: Doctify

We are pleased to have recently been featured in Doctify, a high-growth Healthtech company which offers an online platform for clients to search, compare and request appointments with medical specialists and clinics. Our article focuses on the importance of advanced health assessments and its life-saving effects in early-cancer detection. It also features an incredible case […]

Lumen In The Media: The Luxury Adviser

We are pleased to have been recently featured in the Luxury Adviser, where our Programme Director, Dr Garry Savin discusses and answers common questions about protecting heart health and addresses how cholesterol can play a key role as part of this. Please find the link to the article below: How to protect your heart health […]

How to protect your heart health – cholesterol is key!

To mark National Cholesterol Month, Dr Garry Savin, from Lumen, part of UME Health on Harley Street, shares all you need to know about cholesterol – the good the bad, the surprising truth behind heart attacks, and why a vegan diet could help. Why do cholesterol levels matter? High levels of cholesterol can cause some […]